About Neon English

NEON English was establish on 2010 at Semarang. Started with two best graduates in the field of english, until now become a team full of young dedicated professional. We help you translate your document and word from Indonesian to English and vice versa from English to Indonesian. We received very various types of documents, ranging from books, academic paper (thesis abstract, scientific journals), legal text (contract) and more others.

Our vision is provide high quality translation service with reasonable price. With dedicated, qualify, translators, we offer fast, affordable and scalable professional translation. We can handle huge amounts of content across all subject, education, law, health, science, bussiness, industries, entertainment, etc.

We provide our best service for you, including free warranty for revision, timely service and quality assurance for all our translation results. For your immediate interest, we are ready to provide translation services express a day so special for the script below 20 pages.